Q). What type of motorcycles do you use for tours? 

R). Our bikes are Tauro 250cc., 4-stroke, 5 speed, front and rear disc brakes. 

Why do not you use famous brand motorcycles? 

R). Tauro are used because they are reliable, comfortable (even with two passengers), spare parts are easily found, are adapted to the type of road of our tours.

If a motorcycle breaks down during a ride, what happens? 

R). In the Tour Sea & Mount a guide will exchange the bike with you and take care of the repair, in the other tours we will have spare bikes.

What happens if I come for a ride and we meet rain? 

R). Depending on the tour we have a plan B, in the tour Sea and Mount we will organize an outing to Santiago, or Cabarete or Puerto Plata to spend the day visiting different places. For other tours we will not have the choice to ride in the rain because hotels are booked in advance. 

Should we bring our equipment ex: helmet, rain suit, backpack etc.?  

R). We provide helmets and chests are installed on the bikes. For your comfort  is suggested to bring your personal helmet and rain gear.

Do you have insurance?

R). Yes, the company is covered by third-party liability insurance, but you need have your travel insurance.

I don't have a motorcycle license or it is out of date, can I even go around?

R). In Dominican Republic are not necessary  have a specific license to drive a motorcycle. For the law, your valid license to drive a car is sufficient, however Fapa Moto Tours R.D. requires a driving test to assess your ability to drive his motorcycles. If you do not know how to ride a motorcycle, please refrain from this. 

 If I come for a ride with a passenger who is tired of riding a motorcycle, what is going on?

R). In the Sea and Mountain tour the passenger can stay at the hotel if desired.

In the evening could I go anywhere with the bike you assigned to me?

R). NO. You can't use motorcycles without the presence of at least one guide! Although our guides finish their day of work upon arrival at the hotel, they will be happy to let you know nice places and visit places. Tips are to be expected

Q). Can I drink alcohol during the tour?

R). Although it is better not drinking alcohol if you have to drive, we will allow you tone beer during the lunch. In the evening, if you do not ride a motorcycle, you can do what you want, as long as the next day you will be able to drive!

I take medicine, then I bring them?

R). You schould  bring your medicine. Sunscreen and anti-mosquito products you could buy them here or bring them with you. If you are allergic please let us know and DO NOT FORGET YOUR EPIPEN. 
Can I pay in Canadian dollars?

R). No. Here we operate in Dominican pesos or US dollars. We strongly suggest exchange your CAD $ in US $ before your departure and then change the US $ in pesos here. If you notify us in advance, we can help you get better exchange rates also you can exange direcly in Luperon at good rate.

.How much does it cost to have dinner in the Dominican Republic?

R). Good question! All depending on what you want to eat! I give you examples: 1 hamburger costs about 350 pesos, plates of fish between 400/500 pesos, for dishes like lobster or steak imported count between 900/1000 pesos, depending on the weight. Don't warring  exchange rate are actually 47 pesos for one Us$ !

Q). How much does it cost a beer or a bottle of wine?

R). A beer of 650ml costs in a restaurant 150 peso, wine from 400 pesos. 

Q). Do you make custom tours? 

R). YES. Tell us where you want to go, what you want to visit and we will take care of organizing your personalized trip. Click here to access the V.I.P. Click here to access V.I.P. Forfait .

Q). I would like to book one of your tours but we do not arrive at the minimum number of participants required (6), can you help me? 

R). YES. Fapa Moto Tours R.D. is at your service and wants to give the best service to its customers. If you do not  join the minimum number of motorcyclists required we can adapt to your needs, you will be offered a price based on the number of participants.  

Q). I want to do one of your tours, how does the payment work?

R). You can make your payment via bank transfer or via Western Union, we will provide you with all the necessary contact details. 
If you have any other questions do not hesitate to write to us, it will be a pleasure to answer you and then add to this page of frequently asked questions.